SEO Article

Why an SEO company

SEO is the most important application of website page structuring, in conjunction with the design, feel and ease of use of the layout for any given website.

In other words, no matter how amazing your website looks, if it is not coded cleanly and to required standard by an SEO company or agency, the likelihood is that it will struggle to become highly ranked and likely lost in the myriad of websites competing for similar search terms.

Search engines are, put simplisticly, just advanced computer programs, which analyse the data provided by each website from the server the website is held on. It would therefore be fair to say that it could be easy to influence a computer program of such sorts to enable your website to be more easily visible than others when searching for a specific keyword phrase or set of keywords.

This is true....however....equally, the complex algorithms used in such modern day search engines are now so well tuned, they are able to sense for example, when a website is overly optimized or does not conform to certain standards laid down, by those policing internet search result quality, such as "The G00gle Search Quality Team".

Many people and even start-up companies have fallen by the wayside in implementing overly optimized linking profiles, black hat techniques, on page and off page. For this reason it is deemed beneficial to employ a company to ensure that you are kept on the path of righteousness and not condemned to the bottom of page 2 or worse page 20!!

At wwwdesign we realize that for a business to be successful, you need to optimize the brand as well as the website code, along with a bit of good PR....actually in todays highly competitive market place, a lot of good PR in the right places will always help!!

There are many SEO companies competing very aggressively at the moment in the UK and over the world. Just because a company charges a lot for their services, does not always guarantee the results. A company however that puts their reputation on the line without cost to you the client, to get the results you demand and can prove they are able to attain results, should be the favoured choice.